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E-TECH's Rocklin test facility is located at 3617B Cincinnati Avenue, Rocklin, California. The test facility includes a 800 ft2 office, 1350 ft2 shop, 1000 ft2 materials test laboratory, and a 4 acre full-scale outdoor crash testing area. The crash testing area features two 1500 ft long by 20 ft wide asphalt lanes with independent test pads at each end. Test pad foundations are available in soil, sand, compacted subbase, asphalt, and concrete. E-TECH also operates a nearby Lincoln test facility located at 1420 Flight Line Drive, Lincoln, California. This facility is often used on crash test programs requiring substantial facility improvements and/or a wide-open area for posttest vehicle trajectory. The Lincoln test facility is situated on an abandoned airport runway and features a 12 acre full scale crash testing area. Available test pad foundations are similar to those at the Rocklin facility.

Primary laboratory standards are maintained for mass, acceleration, force, time, length, temperature, hardness, and angular rate measurements. E-TECH utilizes state-of-the-art laboratory and test equipment, including:

Solid state triaxial accelerometers and rate transducers
Advance technology high speed digital video and 16 mm film recording and analysis equipment
Variable speed static and dynamic compression / tensile testing machines
High capacity pendulum drop test fixture
Accelerated UV, corrosion, and temperature / humidity chambers
High speed multi-channel remote and on-board digital data acquisition systems
Complex digital signal analysis software
Servohydraulic vibration shake fixture

A complete itemization of the laboratory equipment currently in place is not provided here in order to avoid lengthy narrative. However, a prerequisite to A2LA's ISO 17025 accreditation is that E-TECH have in place the facilities, equipment, environment, training, personnel, and experience necessary for the proper and timely completion of testing. All of E-TECH's test measurements are directly traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

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